Connect your business to the internet reliably and at high speeds

Keep up with today’s fast-paced business world by connecting your business to our family of high speed data connectivity services, next generation national network and the internet.

Superfast broadband

Connecting directly into BT’s 21CN access network, our broadband provides full UK coverage and is for businesses who want consistently high quality broadband. Choose our superfast broadband and benefit from:

– Business-class access products that are designed to deliver a consistently fast service.
– Access to our highly resilient next generation network.
– Our optimised infrastructure model that provides the best possible routing efficiency.
– Overbooked bandwidth, which enables us to provide a very low contention service.
– Services including ADSL 2+, Annex M, IP Assured, Fibre-To-The Cabinet (FTTC) and Converged ADSL 2+/FTTC.

Standard ADSL services provide downstream speeds of up to 24Mbps* and 2.5Mbps* upstream.

FTTC services provide downstream speeds of up to 80Mbps* and 20Mbps* upstream.

Converged ADSL 2+ and converged FTTC combines assured voice and high-speed internet access on to one circuit.

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Downstream * Upstream * Data Usage Cap Voice Channels
ADSL2+ 24 MB 1.3 MB Unlimited Usage  N/A
Annex M 24 MB 2.5 MB Unlimited Usage N/A
 FTTC 80:20 80 MB 20 MB  Unlimited Usage  N/A
FTTC 40:10 40 MB 10 MB Unlimited Usage N/A
Converged ADSL2+ 24 MB 1.3 MB Unlimited Usage 5 x G.729 or 2 x G.711
Converged FTTC 80 MB 20 MB Unlimited Usage 75 x G.729 or 30 x G.711


Our FTTC broadband is designed to help businesses meet their ever-growing bandwidth needs by offering speeds of up to 80Mbps* download and 20Mbps* upload.

By utilising fibre connectivity between your cabinet and exchange, fibre broadband allows you to take advantage of superfast broadband speeds without the need for costly dedicated connectivity.

Upgrade to FTTC and make your broadband work so much harder for your business.


Offering speeds of up to 24 Mbps downstream and up to 1.3 Mbps upstream, ADSL 2+ is ideal for offices with up to 10 users, home workers and single users.

ADSL 2+ technology can be run on regular phone lines and can be used to deliver faster speeds than standard ADSL by doubling the number of downstream bits.

Here at TSI, we offer free customer support and one free static IP address, as standard.