Connect your business to the internet reliably and at high speeds

Keep up with today’s fast-paced business world by connecting your business to our family of high speed data connectivity services, next generation national network and the internet.

Fast and reliable internet connections are essential for any business to increase productivity and improve staff and customer satisfaction.  With constant changes in technology and availability it can be hard to keep up with what the best solutions may be for your company.

With more and more applications moving from customer premises and into the cloud, it’s essential you can connect your business and workforce reliably and at high speeds.

Our business internet connectivity is designed exclusively for the business market – both business premises including offices and retail outlets, as well as homeworkers.

As well as providing a full end-to-end solution to get you online from data circuit, to structured cabling, routers and WiFi, TSI are a friendly bunch who are happy to discuss your options either now, or in the future.

Superfast Broadband

Superfast broadband with speeds of 24Mbs and above. Our business-grade ADSL, FTTC , FTTP and new SoGEA services have lower contention than standard broadband.

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Leased Lines

Dedicated Ethernet leased lines running over fibre optic cables delivering speeds of up to 100Mbs or 1Gbs, backed by 24x7x365 SLA’s.

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Mobile Data Services

Ideal where Broadband is limited or as a low cost back-up. TSI supply 4G and 5G SIM cards from multiple carriers with unlimited data.  Ensure a strong signal with a business-grade router and internal or external aerial.

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Superfast broadband

Connecting directly into BT’s 21CN access network, our broadband provides full UK coverage and is for businesses who want consistently high quality broadband. Choose our superfast broadband and benefit from:

– Business-class access products that are designed to deliver a consistently fast service.
– Access to our highly resilient next generation network built by Gamma Telecom.
– Optimised infrastructure model that provides the best possible routing efficiency.
– Overbooked bandwidth, which enables us to provide a very low contention service.
– Services including ADSL 2+, Annex M, IP Assured, Fibre-To-The Cabinet (FTTC), G.Fast and Fibre-To-The-Premises.

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SoGEA broadband

SoGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. Now you only need to place one order with TSI for your broadband data service. Traditional phone line installation is not needed with SoGEA so costs fall.

SoGEA delivers the same performance and data rates as FTTC broadband. It uses the same infrastructure and has the same geographic availability, future-proofing connectivity as the UK moves to an all-IP network.

Cut Costs: Because you are only paying for a broadband data connection, your monthly costs will be power as the landline rental cost is no longer included.
Increased reliability: SoGEA is using an established network without the addition of a phone line so the chance of interference or an unstable connection is lower.
Future-proof connectivity: The PSTN network will be switched off by the end of 2025, and many PSTN exchanges are already under notice of switch-off as the UK prepares for the move to full fibre

Product Table

* The DSL line rate is the speed at which the customer CPE syncs up with the equipment in the BT Exchange. This rate is affected by factors such a line length, quality, and ‘noise’ on the line.  The term “up to” refers to the maximum broadband technology headline speeds; each premise has to contend with the distance from the exchange and/or cabinet (speeds reducing over distance due to the signal strength diluting over distance using a copper wire connection). G.Fast and FTTP are available in different options up to the maximum available speeds.


Entry level business broadband run on regular phone lines, offering speeds of up to 24 Mbps downstream ADSL 2+ is a low cost solution ideal for offices with up to 10 users and low data usage, home workers and single users.

Annex M is a technology that offers a boost to the upstream speed (of up to 1Mbps); in return it can take up to 15% off the downstream speed. This type of product suits users who want to utilise the upstream for calls using VoIP or to upload amounts of data.



Our FTTC (Fibre-To-The-Cabinet) broadband is designed to help businesses meet their ever-growing bandwidth needs by offering speeds of up to 80Mbps* download and 20Mbps* upload.

By utilising fibre connectivity between your cabinet and exchange, fibre broadband allows you to take advantage of superfast broadband speeds without the need for dedicated connectivity.

Upgrade to FTTC and make your broadband work so much harder for your business.

FTTC Diagram


A new technology based on FTTC, but with extra equipment installed by BT Openreach at the cabinet to alter the speed frequencies of the connections through the copper cable to provide more reliable broadband with ultrafast speeds of up to 330Mbs.  This is not yet widely available and typlically the user must be located within 500m of the BT Openreach cabinet.


Offering a range of speeds up to 1Gbs download that are not affected by distance between the customer premises and BT’s exchange.  FTTP is gradually being rolled out across the country but is not yet widely available.

FTTP diagram

Ethernet Leased Lines

Our Ethernet circuits are our premium high speed leased line connectivity service for businesses that require high availability and capacity services.

It is provided as a dedicated connection over fibre optic to gurarantee bandwidth.  You can choose bearers of 100Mbs or 1Gbs, which are the maximum speeds that the fibre installed can provide, and have the flexibiility to increase or decrease your bandwidth if required.  For example, if you are quoted “50/100Mbs” this means a 100Mbs bearer is installed and you have 50Mbs available to use with zero contention (i.e. you could use up to a maximum of 50Mbs for downloading or 50Mbs uploading, or a mixture at any one time).

Our Ethernet circuits are backed by 24 x 7 x 365 SLA’s and the option of a managed router with a 6-hour replacement time.  With the high speeds, low contention and comprehensive SLA’s, Ethernet circuits are ideal for businesses that require fast and reliable internet connections, transfer large volumes of data, have issues with poor availabilty of standard broadband, or use VoIP for voice such as SIP or a hosted solution.

Choose converged ethernet leased lines from TSI and benefit from:

– High capacity and flexible connectivity – dedicated and uncontended bandwidth of up to 1Gbps. It’s not only fast, it’s flexible too as bandwidth can be upgraded when needed up to the maximum bandwidth the bearer can support (i.e. 100Mbs or 1Gbs)

– Dedicated and uncontended bandwidth – the high availability and low-latency service provided by our national next generation network makes this the ideal connectivity for cloud-based services.

– Voice and data convergence – not only do you benefit from the significant cost savings of consolidating your voice and data to one connection, but also by buying with complete confidence from one of the market leaders in IP telephony.

– 24/7 monitoring  – our services are continuously monitored and supported to ensure consistency of service and immediate action where necessary.

– Managed router – we manage the router and the end-to-end service, which means any faults can be dealt with swiftly and effectively and the router is covered by 6-hour replacement in event of hardware failure.  The service can also be supplied “wires only”, meaning that you provide the router.

– Service Level Agreement – our comprehensive SLA covers delivery, performance, availability and time to fix, giving you the peace of mind to get on with running your business.

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