Fibre optic cabling solutions to suit all applications

Speed, reliability, cloud access, bandwidth … there are numerous reasons to fire up your connectivity with fibre optic cabling.

So, it’s just as well we can provide you with the most extensive range of fibre optic cabling solutions around, from Local Area Network (LAN) and campus backbones, through to high-density server room or data centre applications.

Carried out by our highly qualified engineers, our fibre optic cabling solutions are available for:

1. On-site direct termination or splice
2. Pre-terminated, pre-tested solutions

As an accredited Excel cabling partner, all of our fibre optic cabling installations are covered by a 25-year product and application warranty, as standard.

The Excel Enbeam range of fibre optic systems delivers high performance, reliability and scalability for large multi-purpose venues, supporting high-density Data Centre applications or enhancing the cabling infrastructure for a small business. Our range is extensive and includes bulk cablepatch cordsadaptors and connectorspigtailsfibre panels, pre-terminated, PONMTP and high-density solutions through to a full range of cleaning products, tools and accessories.


MTP system

– A factory terminated and tested system providing a reliable, rapidly-deployed solution for high density fibre cabling installations.
– Choice of OM3, OM4 and OS2 systems.
– A modular, high density patch panel system that accepts up to ten fibre optic cassettes.
– Choice of six or 12 Duplex LC port configurations.
– MTP trunk cables offer pre-terminated factory tested optical fibre.
– US Conec MTP connector, as standard.

Fibre optic patch cords

– Available in OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4/OS2
– Connector types include ST, SC, LC and UPC
– All patch cords come with an LSOH outer sheath
– Supplied with a test report detailing insertion loss
– Terminated with high quality ceramic ferrule

Pigtails and fibre optic connectors

– Available in OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4/OS2.
– Pigtail types include ST, SC, LC, FC and APC.
– Choice of one or two meter lengths.
– Supplied with a short strain relief boot.
– Supplied with a test report detailing insertion loss.

Internal/external grade fibre cables

– Available in a choice of loose tube or tight buffer.
– Available in OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4/OS2.
– CST fibre cable available from stock.
– SWA fibre cable available from stock.
– Core counts from four to 24 available from stock.