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Communicate and work the way you want, anywhere you want, with CallSwitch: Lite – a slimmed down version of our CallSwitch: Business solution. It has been built with a small business in mind as, whilst it retains the core functionality of the main CallSwitch: Business product, it has limited features which may be unnecessary in a smaller business environment. It is important to note, however, that it still uses exactly the same technology as the business version and the quality of service will remain exactly the same.

Overview of Anywhere: Lite

By using the cloud to host your business phone system, you have access to all the regular calling features of your onsite phone system but with the added benefits and extra perks of next generation mobility, advanced security, unlimited and on-demand scalability and sophisticated integration features.

Cloud technology enables the storing and accessing of data over the internet rather than on an on-premise hard drive. With our cloud PBX solution, we host and completely manage the phone system for you and you choose the options that best fit your business needs.

Powered by CallSwitch you can be assured of reliability and security, with business continuity features built in as standard.

Auto Attendant

Handle calls professionally and efficiently

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Unified Voicemails

Pick up all your voicemail from any device, anywhere

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Mobile Pairing

Sync your mobile with your office handset never miss a call

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Set up a conference room with external dial ins

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HD Voice and Video

Enjoy the clarity of brilliant HD voice and video. You have the same superior quality, whether you are connecting one-on-one, or with a large group.

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One Number

With one-number capabilities, your calls can follow you anywhere, from your desk phone to mobile phone, laptop, tablet or even your home landline.  With simple to use apps for your different devices you are in control of when and where you can be contacted.

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CallSwitch: Lite

At its core, CallSwitch: Lite is a cloud telephone system  powered by CallSwitch that provides all the services you need to operate day to day:
– Auto-Attendant x 1
– Hunt Groups x 1
– Call Queues x 1
– Unified Voicemail
– Landline numbers (1 x per extension + 1 x Main Number)
– Mobile app with One Number
– Business Continuity as standard

… and optional upgrades including additional auto-attendants, Hunt Groups, Call Queues and Call Recording

You also get predictable OPEX costs and scalable licence capabilities that allow your phone system to grow with your business.

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CRM Integration

Our platform integrates seamlessly with a host of CRM platforms out of the box providing screen popping of the chosen CRM platform and integrates it with certain desktop features such as desktop contacts searching. We integrate with:

– SalesForce
– Bullhorn
– Zoho CRM
– Zendesk
– MS Dynamics

Please contact TSI to discuss integration with other CRM’s

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With CallSwitch Lite you can enjoy the CallSwitch applications using a range of devices:
Communicator – Mobile: The CallSwitch Mobile app has been specifically designed to enhance your day-to-day communications experience. It allows users to utilise their smartphones as an extension, including video calling, call recorder, detailed call history and call
forwarding & waiting. It is available on all iOS and Android smart phone devices.
Desk Phones: Discover our full range of handsets to meet your businesses requirements.

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