AX PRO is a cost effective, powerful and reliable wireless intrusion alarm system for homes and small businesses from the world leading security technologies manufacturer, Hikvision.  Easy to install and flexible to expand, AX PRO is controlled via apps.

Its modular design allows you to customise your protection in every corner, including security measures focusing on very specific needs and risks, such as smoke detection, water leak detection, temperature and humidity detection or displacement detection for important objects.

With AX PRO, the power is in your hands.  The inclusive Hikvision app provides simple management, monitoring and configuration of the whole system, including other Hikvision devices like CCTV and Access Control.

A total system with total control, providing powerful EN Grade 2 compliant protection, bringing peace of mind all day, every day

Prevent intrusion from the very start

The AX PRO delivers precise indoor and outdoor detection 24×7 with the ability to ignore animals that may cause false alerts.

Maintain your alarm system in a simple way

The AX PRO System can be managed and maintained conveniently. Users, installers and monitoring stations can supervise the system status anytime from anywhere.

Clean Installation

The AX PRO installation doesn’t require any wires.  Once the central controller hub is connected to a single power socket, all the remaining detectors and peripherals connect using Hikvision’s fast, reliable and secure, Tri-X and CAM-X wireless technology.

All components use long life replaceable batteries, estimated to last 3-5 years, with alerting via the Hikvision app when they need replacing.

 Designing your AX PRO system

Place around windows, doors and other areas where intrusions could occur for confident security.

The central controller connects to your existing internet service via a cable or Wi-Fi and has an option to insert a mobile SIM for additional resilience.

The central controller has a loudspeaker, but you can upgrade this with an internal siren to scare off the intruder and to let the neighbours hear the alarm.  Alternatively, add an external siren if you what the whole street to be aware.

Panic buttons are particularly useful for small businesses or venerable people requiring that extra level of security.

The AX PRO can be linked to a Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) who will provide proactive monitoring and assistance remotely, including notifying the local authorities or a preferred security firm and keeping you updated.


Prevent intrusion from the very start

Place around windows, doors, and other areas where intrusions occur for confident security. The AX PRO detectors deliver precise indoor and outdoor detection and all-compassing protection, day and night.

Detect risks before they break out

The AX PRO system also helps make homes safer for families. It provides fire and water leakage detection before disaster strikes for superior security at every corner.

Stay informed with real-time video clips

Powered by Hikvision’s IVaaS technology, home- or business-owners can verify alarms by watching video clips or GIF imaging when they are away from the property, staying confident and informed.

Intelligent control with a scalable system

Setup intelligent control in homes with a whole range of smart control devices, relays, outlets, and more. What’s more, the AX PRO system is flexible and can be linked with other Hikvision devices, offering even more flexibility.

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