Stay current and connected with our smart business connectivity solutions

If you’re not connected, you’re nowhere. We’re specialists who cut through the jargon to deliver what you need.

Designed to meet your specific requirements and delivered by our highly-qualified team of engineers, our voice and data solutions include:

Superfast Broadband: ADSL 2+ and FTTC

Supercharge your organisation with our next generation broadband family of superfast broadband services.
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Ethernet Fibre leased lines and EFM

Connect yourself up to our premium high speed leased line connectivity service backed by rigorous SLA’s.
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SIP trunks

Future-proof your business with the latest evolution in voice communications.
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Low cost and no monthly call plans.
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‘’What makes TSI different is their customer after care, the support they offer, and the dedication from their engineers. They makes the time to fully explain how their systems work, what’s different about them and share the information we need.’’

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Create a more robust broadband connection with PSTN lines

From broadband and fax lines, to burglar alarm lines, PSTN lines are a crucial cog in today’s increasingly-connected business world.

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Supercharge your business activity with high performance voice and data services

You don’t want to be left behind in business. So, now’s the time to speed up your connection – efficiently and cost effectively – with Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) lines from TSI.

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Future-proof your business with our SIP trunking services

We offer a number of SIP trunking solutions, all designed to help keep your business communications running once all ISDN networks are switched off by BT Openreach in 2025.

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Connect your business to the internet reliably and at high speeds

Keep up with today’s fast-paced business world by connecting your business to our family of high speed data connectivity services, next generation national network and the internet.

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Get access to the internet without compromising quality (or your budget)

Here at TSI, we cater for businesses of all sizes, which means you can count on us to provide you with a solution that meets your requirements.

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Simplify your Wide Area Network service (and reduce costs too)

Reliable and agile, our Converged Private Networks (CPN) help you keep pace. They provide a high performing, low risk solution to meet your Wide Area Network (WAN) requirements.

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