Customer interactions – voice, web, email, chat and social communications  – in a unified environment for agents, managers and administrators that provides a seamless customer experience.

 Predictive Analytics-Based Routing


Customer and agent matching using big data analytics that predicts the customer’s need and identifies the agent having the best performance record meeting that need and delivering the desired business results.

 Big Data Analytics


Big data technology and techniques that discover the agent and customer behaviours and attributes across channels that drive the business and optimise operations.

 Expert Collaboration and Communications


Unified communications for real-time collaboration between agents, managers and back-office subject matter experts.

 Embedded Saleforce App


Option to run your entire contact centre within Salesforce, with a unified user experience for agents, managers and administrators.

 360° Customer Journey Analytics


Analysis of all cross-channel customer interactions that links activities with the same intent to understand the customer experience and improve service.

 Cloud Routing / Hybrid Support


Centrally routes omni-channel customer interactions to distributed on-premise and cloud systems, enabling a graceful migration to the cloud.