Ubiquiti Unifi from TSI delivers high grade WiFi with the throughput needed for bandwidth-intensive applications, including HD video streaming, interactive online gaming, and cloud services at a price suitable for SME's.

Installing WiFi may be an expense that is hard to justify, but there a number of things to consider:

Benefits of offering free business WiFi

Free marketing – You may be supplying free WiFi, but it is also a great opportunity for you to market your company for free too.  A custom log-in page when they connect can be used to promote products and services and redirecting to a landing page on your website can deliver targeted messages and advertising.  You can capture customer details using GDPR compliant terms and conditions and encourage visits to your social media platforms.
Competitive advantage – Your competitors are likely to offer free WiFi, so shouldn’t you?  And if they don’t, then isn’t that an even better reason that you should?  Customers expect to be able to connect when they are out and about.  Whether it’s to pass the time in a queue or to connect their laptop and make a call on their office’s cloud PBX using a system such as Anywhere, offering easy to connect to WiFi helps to attract and keep customers.  Some businesses deploy WiFi to offer better customer service, others to attract more customers and some to get the customers to spend more – all are compelling reasons.
Internet of Things – WiFi is the obvious choice for IoT.  From printing direct from a mobile device to smart lighting and remotely plug sockets, new IoT technology is becoming commonplace in the workplace, and data transmission is dependent on a fast and reliable WiFi network.
Staff satisfaction – people expect to be connected, and staff are people too!  Whether it’s providing free data in an area with poor 3G/4G signal for staff to use mobile devices on their break, or connecting a smartphone to use an app to connect to their work’s cloud phone system, offering WiFi helps to increase satisfaction.

But enterprise grade WiFi is expensive, right?

It doesn’t have to be. Top end, ultra high density solutions from Meraki, Aruba and Ruckus among others can be fantastic kit and does tend to be at a higher price. But Ubiquiti Unifi is a powerful Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution that is at an ideal price for SME’s.


Either managed from software installed locally or managed remotely over the cloud, Unifi’s 802.11ac AP’s  provide a cost effective business grade WiFi solution.  TSI can recommend and supply superfast data to meet your requirements, whether that be ADSL or FTTC or a dedicated Fibre Ethernet Leased Line, create a heat map to show you the coverage you can expect in your building, and install a structured cabling solution to allow the AP’s to be installed in the optimum locations.

Alternatively, for larger high density installations or for more complex data capture requirements, TSI supply and install Aruba WiFi with Purple Guest Wifi captive portal, data analytics and marketing insights.

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