Over the last few years, ADSL2+ broadband connectivity speeds have significantly improved along with the advent of FTTC (Fibre-To-The-Cabinet) and its gradual increased availability, whilst the costs have generally decreased. This has created a perceived overlap between VDSL fibre broadband internet. This perceived crossover in capability has left organisation owners trying to determine whether to use FTTC broadband internet or Ethernet leased line. With costs for leased lines coming down and free installation for 3+ year term dedicated high speed internet has become an affordable and realistic option for companies of all sizes.

In this blog, we want to help you determine which service will best serve your organisation.

Ethernet Leased Lines

An Ethernet leased line is a fibre optic connection delivered direct into your premises, serves only your organisation and is a connection that is constantly active or “always on”. The rental is typically paid as a monthly subscription and can provide both data and voice services.

Unlike standard ADSL or FTTC broadband internet connections, an Ethernet leased line does not have any contention for bandwidth since it is a private dedicated connection.  This provides your organisation with guaranteed bandwidth backed by a Service Level Agreement or Service Level Guarantee.  For example, a 50/100Mbs service means you have 50Mbs available at all times to be used for upload, download or a mixture, and can be upgraded as required up to a maximum of 100Mbs.

Since an Ethernet leased line service provides a private connection over fibre direct into your premises, it improves your internet connection, offers better reliability and provides better Quality of Service than a standard business broadband connection.  Leased lines come with 99.9% uptime SLA’s as standard, increasing further with ADSL backups and up to 99.99% guaranteed uptime with an Ethernet backup circuit.

With an Ethernet leased line, you are guaranteed the agreed upon download and upload speeds at all times, as well as a considerably better fault fix time should the worst happen, which is as quick as a 6 hour fix when taken with a managed router.  This provides your organisation with better performance than an FTTC or even FTTP (Fibre-To-The-Premises) broadband connection where you are competing for speed and bandwidth with other organisations.  Additionally, you can adjust the speeds as necessary to meet specific organisation requirements. This means you only pay for the bandwidth you use and can scale as your organisation grows.

An EFM (Ethernet First Mile) leased line run over bonded copper instead of fibre, but backed by the same comprehensive SLA’s, may be an option where lower costs or faster installation times are a requirement.

FTTC availability is getting much better, and Openreach are continuously rolling it out across the UK, but unfortunately it is still not available everywhere, and FTTP availability will be much slower, with deployment generally only in new buildings.  A leased line however can be installed anywhere, with free installation* on a 3+ year term.

With a leased line service, your organisation can easily run a variety of solutions more efficiently. Some of the solutions may include a Virtual Private Network, a Unified Communications service, hosted applications and other cloud services.

Cloud Backup

With a leased line you can take advantage of an add-on service by moving your organisations back-ups to the Cloud.  Highly available, secure with AES 256 encryption, reliable and GDPR compliant, cloud backups ensure your data is always secure and available.

With simple and automatic back-ups using your dedicated leased line, secured in multiple AWS (Amazon Web Services) data centres and backed by industry recognised standards, moving to the cloud is a cost effective and efficient way to protect your business.

A free 30 day ‘try before you buy’ trial is a risk free way to see if this is the solution for you.

Should I move to an Ethernet Leased Line?

Look at the following questions. If you answer yes to two or more, you should seriously consider a move to a leased line internet solution:

– Does your organisation require high performance speeds to run mission critical and remote access programs 24/7 that are guaranteed by a robust Service Level Agreement?
– Does your organisation require use of multiple connections simultaneously for running file sharing programs, collaboration platforms, email access software, and data transfer applications?
– Does your organisation require unlimited data transfer?
– Does your organisation require fast, secure and reliable data backup?
– Does your organisation use or intend to use a Voice over IP or Unified Communications solution?
– FTTC is not yet available at my location?

Your Organisation Size and Needs

If your organisation employs more than 10-20 end users that access bandwidth intensive applications, a leased line could be your best option to ensure reliability and productivity. Additionally, if your organisation requires connectivity from one site to another, a point to point private circuit will provide you with the performance you need to conduct daily organisational operations.

Before you consider an upgrade from ADSL or FTTC broadband to an Ethernet circuit, you should assess the applications you use on a daily basis.  Categorise the applications in terms of bandwidth intensity, number of simultaneous users at key times of the day, types of applications being accessed such as VoIP, hosted CRM (Customer Relationship Management), amount of service traffic, email access, and more.

Once you understand your bandwidth requirements, we can help you tailor the bandwidth to meet your organisational needs.

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* excess construction charges may apply, subject to survey

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