It would have been inconceivable 25 years ago to imagine we’d be holding voice or video conference calls across multiple sites, whilst sharing live data from a hand-held device. However, today it’s the “new normal”.

Businesses must embrace change

To create an effective remote workforce, businesses must work towards a unified communications system.

To do this, cabling and connectivity will play a pivotal role, and owners should consider five key things to ensure their remote workforce toolkit is a success.

Adapt a “SMART” plan

At TSI, we’ve created a five-point “SMART” plan that acts as a checklist when enhancing your communications systems.

1. Stay connected
Replace on-site PBX telephone systems with cloud-based unified communications that use an app that can be accessed across all employee devices and computers. This will allow all staff to stay connected no matter where they are, and ensures they can access all the information they need from one device.

2. Meet anywhere
Advancements in technology mean that we no longer have to be in the same place physically to have a meaningful meeting or discussion. And the new “mobile” and “remote” employees rely on this technology due to its ease of use and speed of process.

So make sure your staff are equipped with mobile software that allows them to partake in conference calls and video meetings at the touch of a button.

3. Appreciate your colleagues
Your greatest asset is your people, and one downfall of remote working is that it can be lonely, and remote employees may not always feel part of the wider team.
To overcome this, internal messaging services or employee benefit apps can encourage co-workers to communicate freely and feel “loved”.

4. Reach out
While email is not disappearing, it can be unreliable for staff on the move.

Remote employees will need to share files in real-time with enhanced security so all parties can be assured the file will only be read by its intended recipient, and without any buffering issues.

Unified messaging allows colleagues to access video and voice messaging from any location and device. And collaborative software will be more efficient and faster for sharing larger files.

5. Trust
Finally, it’s vital that your workforce is trusted.

A reputable, reliable telecoms company should have in-house teams that deliver all the services you use, instead of outsourcing aspects such as the installation because they don’t have their own CSCS certified engineers.

If anything goes wrong with your communications systems you need the assurance that it will be dealt with fast, especially if you have multiple sites across different regions.

At TSI, we offer the complete business communications solution, and our customers have the same account manager throughout their journey with us.

Added to this, we respond instantly to any queries, and our engineers are always on hand to offer support.

How could you benefit from our “Anywhere Business” suite of cloud communications solutions?

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