That’s the response we often get when talking to businesses still reliant on ISDN2e and ISDN30. And, to be honest, who can blame you? ISDN networks are ultra-reliable and deliver excellent voice quality.

Unfortunately, with BT Openreach due to switch off ISDN lines in 2025, they’re also running on borrowed time. And there are other downfalls:

– Limited flexibility.
– Expensive real estate, taking up far more space than IP communications.
– Engineering costs for maintaining equipment are huge and increasing as demand declines.

So, what should your approach to ISDN be? What are the alternatives? And should you be making a change now?

Look to the future with SIP trunks…

Many businesses have already made the switch to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks. But what are they?

Simply put, they’re telephone lines on your broadband which leverage network data connectivity instead of dedicated fixed line technology. In order for them to be effective, you need decent internet connectivity as well as a secure and reliable network. However, with that in place, they offer a number of benefits:

They’re typically a cheaper option – though you need to factor in the cost of internet connectivity.
Call charges are lower – in fact calls placed to any 01, 02 and 03 number – and mobiles on a 3-year term – are free, as it’s just data travelling over the internet.
You can keep your telephone numbers – for example if you’re moving or merging offices.
They deliver greater flexibility on cloud services – call centre applications, call queuing and call recording are all straightforward.

…or supercharge your business with Anywhere

If you’re contemplating a switch from your PBX telephone system now, it’s likely that you’re going through a period of change. Perhaps you’re expanding, scaling back or moving offices. Or perhaps you’re looking for a feature that ISDN doesn’t deliver.

If that’s you, it’s worth giving some thought to leapfrogging SIP altogether and going straight to our Anywhere Communicate cloud-based PBX service, delivering the very latest technology:

Use one telephone number, wherever you are – and on whatever device you choose.
Generate cost savings and efficiencies – plus gain complete disaster recovery peace of mind.

Discover flexible, unified mobile communications – but without having to replace the handset on your desk.
It’s fully scalable – meaning your phone system can grow with your business.
Empower your team – with the right tools to collaborate effectively and remotely.

We’ll help you weigh up the options

Still not sure of the best way forward? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

When you opt for one of our telephony solutions, you become part of the largest and most reliable hosted platform in the world. With 99.999% reliability and a continuing investment program, you’ll ensure the best possible service for your business.

There are advantages and disadvantages to every option. And we’re on hand to help explain the different pros and cons to help you choose the service that’s right for your business.

Do you have multiple sites with few users? Then you’ll see the financial benefits of switching to SIP or Anywhere sooner rather than later.
Unsure whether to install SIP on your legacy PBX? It’s a conundrum, especially as you’ll need to invest in a SIP-to-ISDN gateway – let us help you decide.
Is absolute flexibility your priority? Then we’d wholeheartedly recommend our Anywhere service.
Is value for money your greatest consideration? Hosted is an Opex solution, giving you fantastic features on day one without an enormous Capex.

Ultimately, we’re experts at everything from installation and training, to delivering end-to-end connectivity. We have a team of expert engineers ready to help with any issues that arise. You’re in safe hands with TSI.

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