With nearly two million UK employees regularly working from home, cloud-based communications are set to grow by a huge 31% in 2017 alone. It's no wonder really, with over 60% of us now regularly working away from our desks. But what does “mobile working” actually mean - and why should your business care?

Definition of mobile working

When you consider mobile working, you might think of someone in a flexible role working from home, or even your sales team being out on the road.

But it’s actually much wider than that.

It involves employees working anywhere that isn’t your office, collaboratively with your team. So from the place down the road that serves the best coffee, to a ski lodge 2,000ft up a mountain, how and where we work really isn’t confined to the bricks and mortar of our usual working space.

People really are working anywhere, at anytime.

Whether we like it or not, our customers needs demand that it’s not only ourselves who are easily accessible, but also important information, files and documents. New technologies are now making it easy to access information and work regardless of location.

But to offer effective “mobile working” it’s critical you arm your employees with the right tools.

Why should you care?

The flexible working regulations, that were updated back in 2014, mean that requests from employees to work away from the office have increased. And added to this, there are a number of advantages of mobile working for both your staff and your business.

1. Improved staff productivity

By giving your employees the freedom to choose where they work, they’ll be more respectful and dedicated to your business. And by making work files accessible through devices they are already accustomed to, you’ll improve their efficiencies, as they’ll be able to use the devices to their advantage.

2. Constant availability

In the past, when employees were required to go off-site, this would result in them being out of contact for a long period of time. Or, at the very least, struggling to access the local server and recently saved files. Naturally, this ends up causing frustration and either a need for colleagues to send bits over, or even worse a delay in response to whatever query was raised.

But with the right mobile working software and approach employees can access work files, documents, and remain virtually connected to other team members no matter where they may be. At the same time they can also appear, to those from the outside looking in, like they are still working away in the office.

3. Reduced business downtime

If for any reason your business faces a flood, cyber attack, technology breakdown or weather inflicted problems, mobile working solutions will ensure that there is no disruption to your services. If your entire workforce is required to leave the office at short notice, not having the right technology in place to allow for easy sharing and access of important files can result in a significant loss of working hours – and consequently sales and revenue.

The right unified communication software will grant you the ability, and peace of mind, of complete business continuity.

4. Customer service enhancements

Today’s customer expects a rapid response to their questions, complaints and all forms of communications, and businesses strive to offer the “same-day”, “within-one-hour” promise.

But do you actually have the infrastructure in place to meet this promise?

The right mobile working tools can offer auto-receptionist, use of multiple devices on one number, use of multiple numbers on one device and intuitive call forwarding. This drives complete fluidity and presents the most professional front to all your customers.

Putting the right solutions in place

To create an effective mobile business you need to ensure you’re not only offering your employees the correct tools, but making sure they’re implemented and used correctly. When done in the right way, businesses will grow their sales, save time, retain their customers and lead their industry.

To help, we’ve introduced Anywhere – our suite of smart unified communication solutions.

Anywhere currently includes two key components:

Anywhere Communicate – Revolutionising how your employees communicate both in and out the office, Anywhere Communicate integrates the traditional office phone system with PC’s, laptops, smartphones and tablets. All via the cloud. Available with different licence and feature options, Anywhere Communicate will be tailored to your business needs.
Anywhere Contact Centre – A unified contact centre solution which offers omni-channel customer interactions over the web, email, chat and social. Perfect for those at the forefront of customer service and sales, making and receiving a high volume of enquiries each day.

The above can also be combined with Anywhere Hub, which integrates with all your favourite other apps to deliver an even more intuitive and intelligent experience.

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