Forward thinking, flexible employers are increasingly realising that it isn’t just a perk for employees, but delivers contingency and flexibility.

Flexibility and fast deployment

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has seen an acceleration in the trend towards flexible working and working remotely.   Whilst bigger companies they may have the resources to cope, there is no reason why SME’s cannot operate as effectively with a remote workforce.

SME’s and larger businesses with onsite PBX’s have limited remote working functionality.  Moving to a cloud based hosted system such as low cost CallSwitch provides a flexible, scaleable and simple to use replacement with business continuity built-in.

Make and receive calls on an app on a laptop or PC, on an tablet or on a mobile phone.  Simply turn on the device and you’re in your ‘office’, wherever you are.

As a cloud based system calls can be repointed and distributed immediately as needed and handsets added in the future as or when required.

Feature rich

All the features you would expect of a high-grade PBX are included as standard with no extra charges, such as auto-attendants, hunt groups, call queues, call recording, conference rooms, and video calling.

But CallSwitch provides much more, with all the benefits of moving to the cloud.  Free calls to UK landlines and mobile and very low international calls, unified communications, integrated video conferencing, and with MS Teams and CRM’s such as SalesForce, MS Dynamics and HubSpot are just some of the reasons to move to the cloud.

Prepare for the ISDN switch-off

In 2023 no more orders for ISDN’s, PSTN’s or ADSL broadband can be placed – and in 2025 the entire network is switched-off.  If your business hasn’t moved to the cloud yet, now is the time to future proof your telecommunications.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Giving your employees the option to work from home has a positive impact on the environment, and not only because of the decrease in fuel consumption. Collaboration and remote document sharing reduces the need to endlessly print documents and pass them around the office.

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