Spraytech is an independent, specialist accident and mechanical repair centre, that has 20 years’ experience helping insurance companies carry out body repairs and mechanical services.

Based in Enfield, London, they have a team of 85 highly trained accident repair specialists and mechanical engineers, and are experts at reducing the amount of time vehicles are off the road.

A key component in their business, which connects customers to their services, is their telecommunication system.

The requirement

Harry Charles, managing director at Spraytech, approached us due to believing his company was receiving poor service from BT.

He complained of experiencing long delays in responses to problems and high levels of downtime.

Harry said: “We had lots of problems, and when called, we’d have to wait around a week for them to come out to our business to fix the problems which were usually the phone lines and systems going down.”

The solution

After initial discussions, Spraytech staff said that they were impressed with the friendliness of our team, and we’re immediately reassured that we could solve the problems they were experiencing quickly and efficiently.

Another key benefit that appealed to them was our team of not just technical strategy experts, but in-house installation professionals. This meant that Spraytech were able to be on a “first name” basis with our team members, and would know exactly who to turn to if a problem occurred.

Added to this, we were able to create a completely tailored voice and data package that met their exact requirements. And, we communicated exactly how the system worked in simple, plain English, ensuring they thoroughly understood how to use it to the best effect.

The results

Right from the start, Spraytech saw the difference from the service we offered – with the most significant change being costs.

Harry said: “Our bills from TSI are £500 to £600 cheaper every month.” Which creates an overall annual saving of £6,000 to £7,200. And, equally important, Spraytech’s customers noticed an instant improvement.

“Feedback from our customers has been positive,” said Harry. “They’ve said that they find it easier to get through to us on the phone, and they’re not on hold for as long.

“This is because it’s easier for our team to identify the calls that have been on hold for the longest with our new queue system, which in turn, increases our response time and productivity.”.

Harry is also very complimentary about our services. He said: “What makes TSI different is their customer after care, the support they offer, and the dedication from their engineers. “They take the time to fully explain how their systems work, what’s different about them, and share the information we need.

“Whenever we have a query or problem, they come and visit us the same day to minimise disruption and solve any problems immediately.”

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