Delphi Weather Group is a leading provider of weather information, mathematical analysis and hydrology based in London.

The group includes the following businesses:

– Delphi Weather Analytics.
– Delphi Weather Forecasting.
– Delphi Weather Hydrology.
– Delphi Weather Consultancy.
– Delphi Weather Television.

The group brings together weather disciplines, and offers tailored weather advice that enhances the profitability of the businesses.

With 10 employees that mainly work remotely, telecommunications systems are essential for keeping the team together.

The requirement

Delphi Weather Group was set-up in 2015, and they needed a supplier they could rely on.

After having our services recommended to him by a friend, James Banasik, head of client services at Delphi Weather Group, made contact with our team.

The solution

We showed Delphi Weather Group the various systems we offered that would help them reach their objectives whilst making their budget work efficiently.

James said: “TSI certainly opened my eyes to what can be done with a phone operating system.”

From our discussions with them, we recommended and installed an inbound phone answering service linked to different numbers, globally.

Speaking about the installation process, James commented: “It was simple, and the user-friendly nature of the systems is excellent.”

The results

We connected Delphi Weather Group to a system that met their requirements, and connected them to our team of experts for on-going support.

James explains: “Martin, Tony and Steve are always on hand to provide assistance and are very knowledgeable.

“When problems arise, they are dealt with quickly and if the answers are initially unclear, further communication is prompt and we come to a solution.

“What we are getting for the price is excellent, and I’m sure other suppliers would add hidden costs, whereas TSI are very transparent.”

Based on their experiences so far, the group is currently in talks with our team about linking their services to billing and customer usage, to further enhance their customer interactions.

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