It’s hardly surprising that companies are now looking for more flexible voice solutions that deliver a better return on their investment. A recent survey of SMEs, conducted by Software Advice, showed that more than half of all SMEs are currently researching VoIP and hosted telephony solutions - and a significant number were also making the decision to adopt this technology.

With benefits ranging from assisting mobile working and scalability to business continuity and significant cost-savings, there are few, if any, reasons why any SME should not invest now in cloud-based telephony.

Why, then, is there still reluctance on the part of many SMEs to embrace this business-changing technology? There are many reasons, but here are the top four that we encouter:

1. Previous Pain – Many SMEs have had bad experiences in adopting new technologies and do not have the energy to go through the process again.
2. Benefits – A significant number don’t understand the commercial benefits of switching to VoIP and a cloud-based solution.
3. Staff Apathy – Those that do understand cloud-based telephony fear they will not be able to get the full benefit of their investment due to lack of infrastructure and openess to change.
4. Tainted Sector – The telecoms industry has, historically, been driven by a ‘break-fix’ model and there is scepticism in the claims that it has moved away from this way of working.
5. Cost – Many perceive new telephony solutions to be an expensive upfront cost to their business.

In some cases, this scepticism is justified. The industry is built on many business who are wrongly driven by low service levels, heavy discounting and price-point marketing. This means the margins simply aren’t there for telecoms suppliers to deliver the consultancy and training necessary for businesses to get value from cloud-based telephony. But not all business telecommunication providers are the same…

TSI recently launched Anywhere Communicate, our own hosted solution, to offer a better product and deal for SMEs. Anywhere Communicate is a unified communications product – powered by Broadsoft – that allows your different devices to integrate seamlessly through the cloud – anytime, anywhere. However, despite the sophistication of our technology, it is not, by itself, sufficient to generate value for SMEs.

What also makes our technology work is the service we have built around it – and in fact all of our products and solutions. In practice, this means TSI will enable you to:

Grow business revenue
Save money on staff and operational expenses
Retain clients and staff
Lead your business

We call this the TSI Effect. And it works.

Importantly, unlike many existing and legacy PBX phone systems, Anywhere is also offered as OPEX and not CAPEX. Naturally, this helps to ensure any investment made by your business is manageable and spread out across the contract – avoiding large upfront payments and nasty surprises.

So with BT Retail prices rising in 2018 – and the additional need to leave behind outdated infrastructure such as ISDN lines – there is no longer an excuse not to explore what a client-centric company such as TSI can do for your business.

Call us on 0808 178 9595 and we’ll be happy to talk through any questions you have or, if you’re not ready to speak to us yet, take a look at Anywhere in more detail by clicking below. Try giving yourself one reason why you shouldn’t adopt this business-changing technology today.

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